The purpose of these pages is to provide surgeons with the ability to calculate a mortality risk online for their patients using the ACPGBI Colorectal Cancer Model. There is also a wealth of general information on risk prediction in surgery - this area of the site is constantly being updated and it is worth checking back on a regular basis. The service described above is provided free of charge with no liability attached (see disclaimer). A purpose written visual basic program for individual PC usage will be available for download in the future off this site or on CD (at the cost of post and packing) by contacting the webmaster.

This model has now been published in The British Medical Journal:

Calculate an ACP Score

Choose a value in each category that matches your patient from the drop down lists in both the physiological and operative parameters tables below. Default values (the lowest score) are shown for each category.

IMD = Indices of Multiple deprivation. This depends on Postcode and you can find the IMD - HERE or HERE


Operative Procedure
ASA Status
Cancer Staging
Operative Urgency
IMD Score