The purpose of these pages is to provide vascular surgeons with the ability to calculate POSSUM scores for their vascular surgical patients online to enable them to provide further information on risk in terms of morbidity and mortality. The POSSUM scores used below include all of the major published vascular modifications. There is also a wealth of general information on risk prediction in surgery - this area of the site is constantly being updated and it is worth checking back on a regular basis. The service described above is provided free of charge with no liability attached (see disclaimer).


Calculate a Vascular-POSSUM Score

Choose a value in each category that matches your patient from the drop down lists in both the physiological and operative parameters tables below. Default values (the lowest score) are shown for each category. Simply submitting the form as it is without changing the values (i.e. a young fit patient having a minor operation) still gives a % risk for morbidity and mortality. This illustrates that all POSSUM formulae tend to overestimate risk in low risk groups. The more 'risky' the procedure the more accurate is the predicted risk calculated below. After entering your data you will be given the mortality risks based on the following models: V-POSSUM, V(p)-POSSUM (using physiology score only), RAAA-POSSUM, RAAA(p)-POSSUM (using physiology score only).


Physiological Parameters
Systolic BP
Pulse Rate


If calculating risk in a preoperative patient you will need to estimate the parameters below. You can return and modify the parameters post-operatively if required.


Operative Parameters
Operation Type
Number of procedures
Operative Blood Loss
Peritoneal Contamination
Malignancy Status